December 5, 2023


Swirls Brushes
swirls brushes

Halftone Brushes
halftone brushes

Flourish Brushes
flourish brushes

Bling Brushes
light brushes

Sunburst Brushes
sunburst brushes

Henna Brushes
henna brushes

Splats Brushes
splats brushes

Film Strip Brushes
film strip brushes

75 thoughts on “Brush

  1. Just a question…is there a way I can set up a new brush…catagory I guess would be the correct way to put it, with all the new downloaded brushes…I use CS3.

    But I love the brushes, Thank you 🙂

  2. @smile
    Download the file, save it under Computer>Program Files>Adobe>Photoshop(whatever number)>presets>Brushes.
    if the other names in the folder are like “natural brushes” “thick heavy brushes” etc., you’re in the right place ^_^
    then next time you open photoshop it should be there!

  3. Muchas gracias, me quedo con algunos. Hey Bob, why don’t YOU learn spanish?
    But, lol, i live in Argentina, and speak spanish, but i love english. I like it more than spanish 😀

  4. @Bob
    F*ck you. People can speak/write/read in whatever language they want. FYI no one’s speaking in here. Its typing, dumbass. Maybe you should think-for once before you comment.

  5. Somebody please tell me how to work with styles which is downloaded on photoshop CS5?????? I have just uploaded few styles from this site and don’t know how to use

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