December 7, 2022


Good News for All

Now All the Downloadable Goodies/files on are Free for Personal and commercial use and treated like Royalty free. You can use our files for you and your Clients.

  • Now You don’t need to buy any license.
  • Please ignore “Buy Commercial License” in our text files.
  • Attribution or Credit Link Back is not required but always appreciated.

Please Note –  distributing our goodies is not allowed.

58 thoughts on “Terms

  1. Hello! I saw your website link on the MTV Engine Room Blog and decided to check it out. I am enjoying all the Photoshop goodies on here! I would like to know more about the commercial license. Would I have to keep renewing my license every year in order to keep using the goodies for commercial use or will I be able to use whatever I got during my one year license commercially even if by some chance I don’t renew my license?

  2. Denesia…We are very happy to see you.
    Sorry for the confusion.
    You Can use the downloaded goodies for any time if you have even bought 1 year license.The only limitation with this License is that you cannot use our newly freebies which will be publish after your license will be expire. Please Remember this is an introductory offer. Although we have included our Lifetime License Today.
    Have a nice Time..

  3. Hello,
    I have interest to buy a License but I dont understad very good, what is the diference between LIFETIME COMMERCIAL LICENSE and Buy a Scrapbook Reselling License, for me ist the same? What is inclusiv in the LIFETIME COMMERCIAL LICENSE?
    Sorry my english is not very good.

  4. @Maria
    If you want to use the files for commercial use, you should buy Lifetime commercial license( Yes you can use these files in scrapbooking as well as Other Works) But If you want to Make Scrapbook Kits To Resell you have to buy Scrapbooking license. in Brief If you Sells Scrapbook Kits Buy our Scrapbook License and If you do not sell scrapbooking kits etc. and want to use our files for other commercial use than You should use Lifetime commercial license.

  5. Hi Maria,

    I have my own photoshop site which offers online training. I want to ask you if its possible to for me to sell some of your cool content (that you have here on this site) as a package to my customers?

    Would I need a scrapbook reselling license to do this?

    And/or what would you allow me to do with any of your content, for example could I give it them for free?

    Any advice would be great and thanks for taking the time!

  6. @mike
    Hi Mike, My name is Sarah and Not Maria, Lolz…

    I don’t know how it is possible. Scrapbook Reselling license does not allow you to do so.
    Extremely sorry but its is not possible.
    I can make a Exclusive Photoshop Goodies pack for your visitors. Please Contact If you wanna !

  7. Sorry about the name mixup Sarah!

    What kind of Exclusive Photoshop Goodies pack could you do? What would it include and would I be able to have resell rights?

    Thanks again!

  8. hi
    I wish to use your psd to enter into a photoshop contest on Can i just download and use them or do i need to get license for it.

  9. Hi
    So I can buy or download any of the goodies on this site and use them commercially? Is that correct? I am selling photobooks and would love to use some of the brushes, styles, gradients and textures. I would not be selling or giving away digital files only a finished hardcover book.
    Is there a licence I’d need to buy as mentioned in the above questions? I’m pretty sure the update to the terms up the top there from the 25th August means no licence is needed but I want to check first. Sorry if this is annoying – just dont want to use what I shouldnt be using!

  10. I downloaded a brush set from your site, but the terms of use included with the zip file still state that I cannot use them commercially. How can I be sure that I can use them commercially (in my own projects) without legal repercussions?

  11. we had these terms in past . (This is very hard task to change every text file individually).

    So without a doubt use them commercially !

    Best of luck !

  12. Just to say a big THANK YOU for the goodies!!!! Im not very good using photoshop so I was searching for some cool stuff to help me to make a very special birthday card for a friend. There is so many amazing things on your site, Im so excited I cant wait to get started on my card now!!

  13. Hmm. Just to confirm, because I’m rather confused.

    Say I use some of the brushes and design a scrapbook page and would want to sell that as a hardcopy (not digitally), do I need the license? And If I use for a product (say a notebook) would I need the license? Thanks!

  14. I would like to use some of the Downloadable Goodies/files to create backgrounds and pictures to sell, do I need a license to do this?

    1. You can use them Commercially too. Our terms says that you can’t sell our files directly. You can use them in your products, templates, graphics, web etc.
      Or If you wants to resell our all items without modification or restriction please contact us via contact form.

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