December 4, 2023


Good News for All

Now All the Downloadable Goodies/files on are Free for Personal and commercial use and treated like Royalty free. You can use our files for you and your Clients.

  • Now You don’t need to buy any license.
  • Please ignore “Buy Commercial License” in our text files.
  • Attribution or Credit Link Back is not required but always appreciated.

Please Note –  distributing our goodies is not allowed.

58 thoughts on “Terms

  1. Thanks for the quick reply. No, I don’t want to sell the files themselves.
    2 questions,

    1 I want to create some backgrounds to sell on disk, can I use the brushes to create the backgrounds?
    2 can I use this stuff to enhance a picture/photo I want to give away or sell?
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi again, I’ve downloaded some files that have text document stating ‘for personal use only’ or ‘only commercial use for our members’.
    Do I ignore these?

  3. Could I use some of the patterns, shapes, etc. in designs for products to sell like say custom shaft skins for golf clubs?

  4. I want to use some of the pattern files on iPhone, iPad covers etc. to sell on my website. I just wanted to know if it would be ok or do I need to purchase a license?

    Thanks, Felicia

  5. Thank you very much as you permit us to use your collection commercially for free. you r great. may Allah bless you…

  6. Hi, I run an online children bookstore currently. May I use your freebies and also things in photoshopgraphics for promoting my books, for example I make as background, FB timeline, etc?

  7. Hello,
    I was wondering if I could use your vectors and brushes in my designs which I will be selling on such as T-Shirts or do I need to purchase a license?

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